We cater to the requirements of VIPs, Corporate houses, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, affluent Tourists, Pilgrims and Air Medical Evacuation experts. Come on board, experience first hand the dedication and commitment rendered without compromise.


We provide private charter jets for business & professional passenger. We go to strenuous lengths to provide a unique service—a service that we truly believe is very special. Security, safety and confidentiality are right on top of our list of priorities, as is meticulous attention to detail ensuring your flight with us is pleasurable and relaxed.

Air Cargo

Your cargo is our serious priority. Discover a diverse offer of air transport of cargo solutions, flexible and adaptable to any goods you need to transport. We guarantee the transport of perishable, dangerous, valuable material cargo, live animals, mail, among others, with maximum speed, efficiency and safety. Proximity and availability are values that we always put first.


We can provide a range of time-sensitive charter solutions in emergency situations, including:

Evacuations: We can quickly coordinate the evacuation of casualties and at-risk civilians from dangerous situations, such as natural or man-made disasters.

Critical Supplies: We are experienced in helping to deliver specialist equipment, medical supplies or food, drink and blankets to disaster scenes.

Search & Rescue: When a natural disaster hits, our charters can airlift vital search and rescue teams to join humanitarian efforts on the ground.

Air Ambulance

In a medical emergency, we can urgently arrange to airlift patients to hospital or fly-in medical staff and supplies like medication and replacement organs.

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